Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Oh no! One more really scary face!

We have had so much fun making ugly faces on the iPads.
We think we are pretty clever.
Briana looks really disgusting. We think she did a great job of her face!
We hope you like looking at our faces and trying to guess who we are!
Please leave us some messages.
We really love getting messages on our blog!

Another cool dude!

Jacob has whacky eyes and cool sunglases!
We think he looks pretty good with a moustache.
We think he'd better watch out for that arrow!
What do you think?

Lucas is the man!

This face does not look like Lucas at all!
Wow! Look at his eyebrows!
He looks a bit like an old man!
What do you think about Lucas' funny face?
We laughed and laughed and laughed!
Digital learning is so cool!

I wonder who this is?

Who is this?
Can you guess?
It's a secret you know!
We love digital learning!
We love being in disguise and looking ugly or funny or cool!

Smarty Pants the funny clown!

Can you guess who this is?
It's hard to tell under all that clown hair!
Do you want us to tell you?
It's Daniel!
Daniel loves making funny faces on the iPad!

Howdy partner!

Hamish is one really ugly cowboy!
He looks pretty cool in his big black hat.
His tongue looks like it would be sore though. Oh dear!
Hamish loves using the iPad to do his digital learning.
Do you like our iPad photos?

A really cool dude!

Cheydon made a funny face!
He doesn't look ugly. He just looks like a cool dude!
Look at his hat and glasses!
Do you like his smiling face?

Hey it's Jorgia!

Jorgia made a funny face too!
She didn't have iPads at her old school, but she can do her digital
learning on them because it's so easy! We are glad Jorgia is at our
school now. She is a good friend to us.
Do you like her silly face?
Cool glasses don't you think?

Anihera's awesome face!

Anihera made an awesome face! It looks like she shaved her head!
She has shiny monster teeth, bulging eyes and a pig nose!
We all laughed at her ugly face! It's very cool!
Did you get scared or did you laugh?

Pretty pink hair!

Wow! Look at Emily! Her hair is pink!
Emily thinks she would quite like to have pink hair!
But we think her Mum would say "No way!"
Making ugly faces is so much fun. We can look so different. It's like
dressing up wilt having too!

Look out! Look out! Another ugly face!

Do you know who this is?
Can you guess?
It's someone in our room!
Do you give up?

It's Nui!
We think he looks very funny indeed!
We just love making silly and ugly faces on the iPads!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Look at Katie's Cool hair!

Katie made a funny face too!
She has bright pink hair and very cool glasses!
We are learning how to take photos on the iPads and make them into
ugly and funny faces.
Do you think Katie made a great job?

Oh No! Another ugly face!

Taylor made this absolutely ugly face and scared everyone in the class!
We laughed so much when we saw it!
She thinks she looks gorgeous, but we are not so sure.
What do you think?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Junior Room Astronauts!

Jacob, Jack, Taylor, Briana, Makenzy, Anihera, Nui, Lucas and Erica
are astronauts!
They performed the play "We've Flown Past Mars" by Alan Bagnall.
They made some pretty cool astronaut helmets!
 Can you recognise them?
They look like they are ready for a space adventure!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Oh no! Another ugly face!

Erica made an ugly face on the i-Pad too.
She has no hair and a clown nose and a pierced tongue!
Erica is usually a lot better looking than this!
What do you think of her new ugly face?

Don't get scared!

Makenzy made a really ugly on the i-Pad.
It looks disgusting!
She decided to put it on the blog so everyone could see it!
Miss T. thinks Makenzy's real face is very pretty but this face is dreadful!
What do you think of her ugly face?

Hot Potatoes!

Today was such a cold, cold day that we decided to cook some of our
organic potatoes on the fire.
It was so easy to cook them and they were so delicious!
All we needed was some tinfoil and a little sprinkle of cheese.
They look pretty good don't they?