Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Our i-Pads.

We have been thinking about our learning and our i-Pads. Watch, listen and read what we think about them. They really are so exciting and make our learning so much fun and easy too. We can do so many cool things on them. Erica said, “I love doing my digital learning on the i-Pad because I can take photos and videos, and I can make them into masterpieces, and I can email them to my teachers, the principal, my mum and my dad and to the e-pals.” Makenzy said, “At my old school I didn’t have i-Pads. But now it is pretty easy to do, and I can make movies on my own.” Te Rongonui said, “I like the i-Pads ‘cause they help me learn my maths. They can help you by talking back. If you do something wrong, you can do it again.” Taylor said, “I like doing my digital learning on the i-Pad ‘cause you can use your finger to control it. But a pen wouldn’t work. I like playing on the i-Pads. Anihera said, “I like going on the i-Pads, and you have to be careful of them. They are very special. You have to think and learn.” Jacob said, “I like taking pictures, videos and it is my favourite thing to do.” J.B. said, “I like the movies on the i-Pad, and I took a video of Hamish, and we went to the bush walk.” Jack said, “I like taking photos and making them funny and into aliens.” Briana said, “I like doing digital learning on the i-Pads, because I get to learn my numbers,and you can also play on the fun games too.” Katie said, “We can do digital learning on here so we can learn how to play games. We can send messages to our emails, and we play games on here, so we can learn.” Daniel said, “The best thing is that when I come to school, it’s the i-Pads. I like going on the i-Pads.” Hamish said, “I’m only five. I can take pictures or make a movie. Emily said, “I love going on the i-Pads, and I learn Elmo with my ABCs, and I want mum to get me an i-Pad.” Cheydon said, “I like the i-Pads. They’re awesome.” Codie said, “It’s my first day at school, and I used the i-Pads, and it’s cool.”


  1. You are all great little thinkers.
    We are so lucky to have i-Pads in our classroom.
    Keep exploring and creating with all the games and apps. I can't wait to see what you will come up with next.

    Miss T.

  2. so cool juniors

  3. I think it is so awesome that you have the i-pads as a resource to learn with! You have all done some wonderful, creative, fun things with them.
    Kath Riley

  4. We can't wait to have you teach us a thing or two on the I-pads when we get together as a group.
    Tilly and Ben have been on an I-pad before but the rest of us have not. We are ken to learn.
    Ben knows how to take a photo with Mrs. Hep's I-pad. He photographed people and butterflies.
    From your E-pals.