Monday, 23 April 2012

The Stick Insect.

Taylor found a stick insect outside by the boys' toilet. She showed it to everyone.
Katie wasn't scared to hold the stick insect.
Neither was Daniel.
Makenzy was brave too.
Lucas didn't mind the stick insect crawling all over his arm.
Briana loves creepy crawlies!
Nui likes bugs and insects too.
Taylor let the stick insect crawl up her hand.
The stick insect tickled Jacob.
Some of us didn't want to touch the stick insect, so we just watched it instead!
We put the stick insect on some wood to see if it would change colour. But it didn't!
Finding a stick insect was very interesting. Do you like our photos of the stick insect? Would you like to hold one too?


  1. That was a great find Taylor. Thank you for showing everyone the stick insect. It is a very strange looking insect indeed!
    Now we can "google" stick insects and find out more about them.

    Love from Miss T.

  2. I feel shy and embarrassed when I see myself on the blog and in the video. But I will tell my Grandma and show my Nana so they can see me.


  3. Ben says he only likes holding butterflies but NOT stick insects.... you guys must be braver than Ben I think!


    TA crew