Saturday, 4 February 2012

Welcome Back to School.

Hello everyone.
We are back and it's great to be on the blog again!
Check out our first day video.
Do you like the song?
We are all very happy.


  1. It's great to be back and see all your smiling faces. Some of you have got taller over the holidays and some of you have cool new haircuts! It's lovely to have some new people to welcome into our class family too.

    We are going to have an exciting year. I can't wait!

    Love from Miss T.

  2. do you like your new friend ?
    from Ben
    i really like cooking every week,
    i hope you've enjoyed your first term
    From Sharleen
    I enjoyed listening to my music. I played my 2 guitars every week. I am looking forwad to my holiday how about you?
    From David
    I am looking forward to meeting
    you guys I hope to meet you next
    from Tilly

  3. So cool to have our internet working again :-)

    I hope you have had a great term everyone. Remember to be kind to each other and learn heaps!!!


    Mr B

  4. We are excited that you have your internet fixed. Now you can do lots of blogging like us!
    Maybe we can skype again next term?

    From Miss T.

  5. We are looking forward to seeing you again and meeting Sharleen and Tilly. We have some new people in our class too. Their names are Makenzy, Daniel, Hamish, Cheydon, Katie and Emily.
    We can't wait till the holidays!
    Miss T. is looking forward to them too!

    From your E-Pals.