Sunday, 30 September 2012

Our Winners of the Rotary Writing Competition.

Congratulations to Erica Martin-Nancarrow, Taylor King and Te Rongonui Hughes-Rehu for writing winning entries in the Rotary Club of Kihikihi Short Story Writing Competition.
Here they are at the Prize Giving.  Well done to you all.  We are so proud of you.  
You are amazing writers.

Erica came First.                    Taylor came Second.         Nui came Third.
Well done to the Ngutunui Juniors!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Briana Gets Published!

Briana entered the Te Wananga o Aotearoa drawing competition.
She came in the top 15 places across all of New Zealand!
Her work has been published in a book.

Davina came from the Wananga to present Briana with her prize.

Can you see Briana's drawing?
She did a picture of her favourite thing.
Do you know what it is?
It's eating ice cream!  Yum, yum!
What's you favourite thing?

Our Amazing Art Work.

We learned about the legend of the Taniwha on Pirongia Mountain.
We make some exciting and colourful art work about it.
We also did some creative writing too.
Our work is currently on display in the Pirongia Heritage and Visitors' Centre.
Be sure to stop in and have a look at it.

Mrs Yeates showed us around the Centre.  Here we are by our art display.

Anihera's Taniwha.

The angry, bad Taniwha was waiting in the green bush.  He had sharp, white pointy teeth.  He was looking for a furry possum to eat.  He walked through the bush, but he couldn’t find any food. 
So he went to the blue, cold water to look for orange fish.  But he couldn’t find any either. 
So he went back to his home.  But on the way he found a cheeky possum.  He caught it with his claws and ate it with his sharp, white pointy teeth.
By Anihera.

Nui's Taniwha.

The fierce, scary, orange Taniwha was swimming in the blue moana.  Popping up out of the sea he looked around at the green, foggy mountain, trying to find his next meal. 
“Stewed warriors would be nice,” he thought to himself.  Just then, an eel went squiggling in the cold, icy water.  The Taniwha swam quickly in a flash, over to the eel.  He grabbed it with his blade like claws.  He gobbled it up until there was nothing left of it.  He swam away in the shining, sparkly water. 
By Te Rongonui.

Makenzy's Taniwha.

The sharped toothed Taniwha was very hungry. 
He especially liked to eat people with yellow
t-shirts.  He went into the deep, dark forest to hunt for his next meal.  He could hear footsteps coming closer and closer.
He pounced!  Chomp, chomp, chomp! 
The Taniwha had its meal. 
Beware!  Don’t go into the bush if you are wearing yellow t-shirts!
By Makenzy.

Hamish's Taniwha.

The mad, orange Taniwha walked through the Pirongia Mountain.  He was very hungry. 
He was looking for some warriors to eat. 
Tap, tap, tap. 
He could hear the sound of the warriors walking down the mountain.  He ran for them. 
He caught them with his big mouth
and gobbled them all up!
By Hamish.

Jorgia's Taniwha.

The ferocious, big, whero Taniwha was trying to find something to eat.  He looked in the furthest part of the bush.  He climbed up the tall mountain and spied some people. 
“Mmmmm, I would like them for my dinner tonight!”
He climbed down and went looking for his dinner.
By Jorgia.

Lucas' Taniwha.

The ferocious, scary, yellow Taniwha was hunting in the dark, noisy forest.  He was trying to find a feast to eat for his dinner.  Suddenly a little lizard ran out in front of him.  He jumped out and opened his mouth and grabbed the lizard with its tongue. 
But he was still hungry.  He saw a fish in the greeny blue river.  Again his tongue stuck out and grabbed the fish.  But he was still hungry! 
He kept on hunting for his feast until he got tired and gave up.  Maybe tomorrow would be better.
By Lucas.

Erica's Taniwha.

The mysterious, evil, red and brown Taniwha was waiting quietly for its prey. It was hiding in a creepy, dark, slimy cave.
It wasn’t long before his next victim arrived. 
The Taniwha tore off the flesh and blood dripped everywhere.  When the last bit of flesh had been eaten off the bones, the Taniwha grinned and calmly went to sleep.
By Erica.

Jacob's Taniwha.

The ferocious, scary, orange Taniwha was an ugly beast.  He had a red stripe down his spine, knobbly knees and zig-zags on his fat tongue. 
He ran super fast with his yellow legs. 
He could kill warriors with his spiky tail and eat them with his lazer like teeth! 
He lived in an old mossy cave near a wide rocky river.
By Jacob

Taylor's Taniwha.

The creepy, sneaky, orange and red Taniwha was hungry for a snack.  His golden eyes were searching high and low.  He could see some human footprints in the mud.  Off he went, slowly creeping to find his delicious meal.  He sniffed the air.  He smelled yummy things to eat.  Suddenly he heard footsteps coming from the mountain.  He was very happy.  With the flick of his tail all the people fell over. 
And the Taniwha ate them all up.
By Taylor.

Cheydon's Taniwha.

The orange Taniwha was angry. 
He didn’t like anyone.  Someone was walking in the bush and the Taniwha heard them. 
He saw a big army of men coming. 
They had spears and arrows. 
They were going to kill the Taniwha. 
But the Taniwha ran away and hid in the mountain.
By Cheydon

Codie's Taniwha.

The big, orange Taniwha was sneaking through the green, slimy grass. 
He was looking for people to have for his lunch. 
He could hear them and he could smell them. 
He was hiding very quietly and didn’t make a sound. 
He pounced and gobbled them all up!
 By Codie.

Jack's Taniwha.

The mean, ferocious, red and yellow Taniwha was waiting in the freezing cold moana for his next feast.  He could hear the splashes of the people swimming.  It wouldn’t be long before they would be coming round the bend. 
He waited quietly and hid in the corner, so no one could see him.  The splashing came closer. 
The Taniwha pounced and wrapped his tail around them.  And that was the end of the swimmers!
By Jack.

Katie's Taniwha.

The evil, black and yellow Taniwha was drinking slowly from the blue, cold river. 
He was a bit hungry. 
The beast looked into the moving water. 
Suddenly he saw a big, white, silver fish. 
He put his tongue in the water a got it. 
By Katie.

Emily's Taniwha.

The evil, red and yellow striped Taniwha sneaked down into the long grass, searching for his lunch. 
He heard the birds singing in the Kowhai tree. 
He heard insects chirping.  He waited. 
He hoped to hear the sound of lunch coming through the bush. 
But not today!
By Emily.

Daniel's Taniwha.

The huge, purple Taniwha was hiding behind the green fern tree.
It was waiting for something to eat. 
It could hear the leaves rustling. 
It could hear the people coming through the bush.  The dog barked and the people rushed away. 
So the Taniwha ate the dog.
By Daniel.

Briana's Taniwha.

The ferocious, scary, whero Taniwha was waiting quietly for a feast.  He heard a splash of eels swimming in the greeny, dirty river.
Suddenly he could hear the voices of the warriors’ feet tramping closer and closer towards him. 
He lay silently, ready to catch his next victim.
The warrior approached and the Taniwha came out from nowhere and the warrior was no more!
 By Briana.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ag. Day is coming!

Agricultural Day is coming soon.
We will bring our lambs and calves to school for a special day.

Lucas brought his lamb Rudy to school, so that we could learn about how to look after lambs.
Rudy loved visiting our school.

He was so well behaved, he can come back anytime to visit us!

Happy Fathers' Day.

We made our Dads some special cards for Fathers' Day.
Our Dads are very special to us.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

More marvelous marshmallows.

We are the luckiest kids in the world.
The marshmallows are yummy in our tummies!
Are you feeling like eating marshmallows now?
We bet you are.

Just a treat!

We could eat marshmallows all day but we only had one each!
Marshmallows are a treat!
We don't eat them every day.
Do you?

Sticky and delicious marshmallows.

Our marshmallows were sticky and soft and delicious.
We think they taste even nicer like this than straight out of the packet!
What do you think?

We are very lucky today.

We love keeping warm by the fire and toasting marshmallows.
What a cool thing to do at school don't you think?

More Marshmallows!

Some of us had pink marshmallows and some of us had white ones.
Which ones do you like the best?

Toasted Marshmallows, yummy yum yum!

Today we toasted some marshmallows on skewers in the fire.
It was a very special treat.
They were delicious!
Do you like them done like this?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Oh no! One more really scary face!

We have had so much fun making ugly faces on the iPads.
We think we are pretty clever.
Briana looks really disgusting. We think she did a great job of her face!
We hope you like looking at our faces and trying to guess who we are!
Please leave us some messages.
We really love getting messages on our blog!

Another cool dude!

Jacob has whacky eyes and cool sunglases!
We think he looks pretty good with a moustache.
We think he'd better watch out for that arrow!
What do you think?

Lucas is the man!

This face does not look like Lucas at all!
Wow! Look at his eyebrows!
He looks a bit like an old man!
What do you think about Lucas' funny face?
We laughed and laughed and laughed!
Digital learning is so cool!

I wonder who this is?

Who is this?
Can you guess?
It's a secret you know!
We love digital learning!
We love being in disguise and looking ugly or funny or cool!

Smarty Pants the funny clown!

Can you guess who this is?
It's hard to tell under all that clown hair!
Do you want us to tell you?
It's Daniel!
Daniel loves making funny faces on the iPad!

Howdy partner!

Hamish is one really ugly cowboy!
He looks pretty cool in his big black hat.
His tongue looks like it would be sore though. Oh dear!
Hamish loves using the iPad to do his digital learning.
Do you like our iPad photos?

A really cool dude!

Cheydon made a funny face!
He doesn't look ugly. He just looks like a cool dude!
Look at his hat and glasses!
Do you like his smiling face?

Hey it's Jorgia!

Jorgia made a funny face too!
She didn't have iPads at her old school, but she can do her digital
learning on them because it's so easy! We are glad Jorgia is at our
school now. She is a good friend to us.
Do you like her silly face?
Cool glasses don't you think?

Anihera's awesome face!

Anihera made an awesome face! It looks like she shaved her head!
She has shiny monster teeth, bulging eyes and a pig nose!
We all laughed at her ugly face! It's very cool!
Did you get scared or did you laugh?

Pretty pink hair!

Wow! Look at Emily! Her hair is pink!
Emily thinks she would quite like to have pink hair!
But we think her Mum would say "No way!"
Making ugly faces is so much fun. We can look so different. It's like
dressing up wilt having too!

Look out! Look out! Another ugly face!

Do you know who this is?
Can you guess?
It's someone in our room!
Do you give up?

It's Nui!
We think he looks very funny indeed!
We just love making silly and ugly faces on the iPads!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Look at Katie's Cool hair!

Katie made a funny face too!
She has bright pink hair and very cool glasses!
We are learning how to take photos on the iPads and make them into
ugly and funny faces.
Do you think Katie made a great job?

Oh No! Another ugly face!

Taylor made this absolutely ugly face and scared everyone in the class!
We laughed so much when we saw it!
She thinks she looks gorgeous, but we are not so sure.
What do you think?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Junior Room Astronauts!

Jacob, Jack, Taylor, Briana, Makenzy, Anihera, Nui, Lucas and Erica
are astronauts!
They performed the play "We've Flown Past Mars" by Alan Bagnall.
They made some pretty cool astronaut helmets!
 Can you recognise them?
They look like they are ready for a space adventure!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Oh no! Another ugly face!

Erica made an ugly face on the i-Pad too.
She has no hair and a clown nose and a pierced tongue!
Erica is usually a lot better looking than this!
What do you think of her new ugly face?

Don't get scared!

Makenzy made a really ugly on the i-Pad.
It looks disgusting!
She decided to put it on the blog so everyone could see it!
Miss T. thinks Makenzy's real face is very pretty but this face is dreadful!
What do you think of her ugly face?

Hot Potatoes!

Today was such a cold, cold day that we decided to cook some of our
organic potatoes on the fire.
It was so easy to cook them and they were so delicious!
All we needed was some tinfoil and a little sprinkle of cheese.
They look pretty good don't they?