Friday, 18 November 2011

Our Masterpiece Art.

Look at our wonderful works of art.
We are getting creative on our new i-Pads.
We are having so fun much too!
Do you recognise any of our faces?


  1. Hi Ngutunui juniors
    I recognise many of your faces after my visit to your classroom last week- but I don't recognise many of your clothes!!! One of the students from the senior class used the iPad to make a portrait of me! The picture they used was the girl in the white floaty dress standing side on. I wonder why this painting has become so famous? Do you know why?

  2. Exquisite - Jordan
    Extraordinary - Madison
    Nui looks the best - Christian
    Miss Thurlow suits hers. - Cassie
    Great stuff, check out ours- Senior room

  3. We think we look pretty cool.
    Some of the masterpieces look real don't they?
    Mr J. looks funny too!
    We will have a look at your photos on your blog too.

    The Juniors.