Monday, 5 September 2011

Our Snow Stories.

We couldn't believe it when it snowed at school.
We did some writing about it.
It was amazing!

Do you like our stories?


  1. Robert thinks of Father Christmas when hears about snow. At home Robert has 3 DVDs about Mr Ho ho ho and his present deliveries.

  2. David thinks the snow is cold and you better put a beanie on your head. He has not really seen any snow either.

  3. Robert, you are lucky to have 3 DVDs to watch about Father Christmas!
    We are lucky to have had snow at school, but really the sun is much nicer and warmer!
    When Father Christmas comes to visit us at Christmas, he has to wear his shorts and a t-shirt!

  4. David,
    We were so surprised about the snow, that we didn't have time to put any beanies on!
    But that is a very sensible idea. We will be sure to do that next time!