Monday, 5 September 2011

Fathers' Day.

We made our own special cards for our Dads.

We stuck photos of ourselves in the middle of our cards.

We decorated the cards with lots of red and yellow stars.

We did silver writing on them.

We love our Dads. They are very special to us!

Do you like our cards?


  1. Your E-Pals think that your cards will be great.

    From David

  2. Hello David,

    We had lots of fun making our cards. The stars looked cool and we tried hard to write neatly and make a good job of them. Our Dads got a surprise. Fiona's Dad hung his card up on the door because he liked it so much.

    Did your Dad have a nice Father's day too?

    1. A bit late but David says his Dad had a good father's day thanks.