Thursday, 18 August 2011

Snow Art!

We made some art work about the snow! We drew portraits of ourselves and cut them out. Then we made snow out of fluff and glued it on to our posters. We had lots of fun making the snow fluff and we got it everywhere! It went all over the tables and all over the floor and all over the room! It was very funny!
We did lots of thinking too and came up with heaps of words to describe our feelings about seeing the snow at our school.

Do you like our art work?

Look at us! We loved playing in the snow!

Snow here, snow there, snow, snow everywhere!

Look at us making our awesome art work!
We don't think it will snow here again for a while. Today is very sunny and beautiful!
What do you think?


  1. Robert wants to know if anyone had a snow ball fight? We also think you art work is beautiful! It looks like you had lots of fun in the snow and in the art lesson too!

  2. Hi Robert,

    There really wasn't enough snow to make a snowball and have a fight. It just fell from the sky gently, but it didn't cover the ground up!
    The art work was cool to make, but we got the snow fluff all over the room! It was a terrible mess! Does your class sometimes make a terrible mess too?