Monday, 22 August 2011

Daffodil Art.

We made some daffodil art to celebrate Daffodil Day. We made some colourful flowers and some cute little lambs as well. Our art work is on display in the National Bank, Te Awamutu. If you are passing by, be sure to stop in and see it.

Do you like our art work?

The daffodils were quite easy to make you know!

We loved making the little lambs and sticking the fluff on to them!

We hope you go to the bank and see our art work on display.


  1. Well done on everyone for such lovely art work :0)

  2. We love doing art on Fridays! We have just started doing some needlework. It's going to take a while. When it is finished we will put some pictures of it on the blog too!

    From the Junior Room.