Friday, 17 June 2011

Our E-Pals.

We have some new e-pals.
They are students from the Satellite Class of Patricia Avenue School based at Te Awamutu College.
We have been emailing and skyping them. It is very exciting to have some new friends.
We like sending them photos and videos and sharing our learning with them.
They came for a visit to our school to see all our special Enviro School things.
We took them for a tour of our school. We looked at the worm bin and the compost bins. They are a bit stinky! We showed them all of our gardens and our Planting and Propagating Centre.
We spent some time in the classroom together sharing and learning together.
We got to play together on the playground and with our croquet set.
We went into the Life Education truck together and got to meet Harold the giraffe. We had a fun time.
Watch our movie and see some of the things that we did!


  1. Wow how time flies! So cool that we have both been to each others schools. We look forward to our next visit together.

    TA E-pals

  2. We like the visits too.
    But we also like the emails and the blogging and the skyping.
    We love digital learning and making new friends.

    From the Juniors.

  3. Wow - this is such a marvellous project. Children working together online is a powerful way to learn and make connections in the new digital age.
    Tino pai

  4. i like it juniors. from taylor