Sunday, 19 June 2011

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Visiting Our E-Pals.

We went to visit our e-pals at Te Awamutu College.
We got to look around their classrooms. We spent some time doing some art and making some leaf portraits together. We made a big mess, but we cleaned it all up!
We did some singing together and we taught them our actions to one of their songs. We loved using the instruments and making a big noise!
We went exploring around the college and they showed us their vegetable garden and worm bin. We had fun playing with the parachute and doing some cooking too. The scrumptious chocolate slice was delicious and everyone loved it!
We had a wonderful time. We made a movie about our day. We hope you like watching it.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Our E-Pals.

We have some new e-pals.
They are students from the Satellite Class of Patricia Avenue School based at Te Awamutu College.
We have been emailing and skyping them. It is very exciting to have some new friends.
We like sending them photos and videos and sharing our learning with them.
They came for a visit to our school to see all our special Enviro School things.
We took them for a tour of our school. We looked at the worm bin and the compost bins. They are a bit stinky! We showed them all of our gardens and our Planting and Propagating Centre.
We spent some time in the classroom together sharing and learning together.
We got to play together on the playground and with our croquet set.
We went into the Life Education truck together and got to meet Harold the giraffe. We had a fun time.
Watch our movie and see some of the things that we did!


We have been reading a shared book together called T-Shirts.
It is so much fun to read and to sing along with too!
Listen to us rock!

We made our own t-shirt designs too!
We painted them with colourful dye.
They are hanging up in our classroom.

The Cross Country.

We went to the Lower Waipa Cross Country.

We had a great day.

We ran a really long way!

We ran across fields and paddocks, up and down hills.

We did our very best!

Some of us really like running and some of us don't, but we all had a go and tried hard.

Do you like running too?

Do you like our photos?