Friday, 6 May 2011

Our Haiku Poems.

We wrote our own haiku poems about some of the things we saw at Butterfly Creek and Kelly Tarlton's.
The first line has five syllables.
The second line has seven syllables.
The third line has five syllables.
We are very clever indeed.
Do you like our poems and the photos too?


  1. You have done an amazing job of writing your haiku poems.
    Now you know all about syllables, so you are very, very clever.
    The photos are amazing too.
    Well done everyone. I am proud of you all.

    Love from Miss T.

  2. Awesome descriptive poems from the Juniors - Well done to you all

  3. I love the way you have chosen your words carefully when you have been writing these haiku. Not just because they have the right number of syllables but because they are great descriptive words that match your photos. Well done! Looks like you had an amazing visit :)

  4. We had such a cool time on our trip.
    Sleeping over at Kelly Tarlton's with the sharks, stingrays and fish swimming all around us was amazing and a little scary too! But we were all very brave!
    We love writing haiku poems.
    We think we are very clever to know all about syllables and choose exciting words to use.

  5. Some amazing poems guys I love looking at your work and now I have figured out the comments too yay me!!! Tania Brianas mum :)

  6. Well done Mrs Wallis!

    We are so happy that you have figured out how to leave us messages! We love getting messages on our blog. Please leave us lots and lots of messages.

    From the Junior Room.