Friday, 20 May 2011

Our Enviro Art.

Today was art day. We made some enviro art collage pictures.

We used beautiful autumn leaves and made pictures of birds, butterflies, bees and mice. We think they look great.

Do you like them too?

Te Rongonui made a fantail.

Nataleigha made a mouse.

Lucas made a butterfly.

Joshua made a fantail.

Jacob made a butterfly.

Fiona made a mouse.

Ethan made a bee.

Briana made a butterfly.

Erica made an owl.

Anihera made a butterfly.

Do you like our art slide show?


  1. Your art is looking great! What clever and creative people you are. I hope our art work looks this good when we work together in week 7?
    Your TA pals

  2. We think we are pretty good at doing leaf art pictures. We will teach you how to be good artists too! It's really easy!

    From the Juniors.