Friday, 15 April 2011

Our Marigolds.

We are Enviro Kids. We love gardening and checking on our plants and flowers. We planted lots and lots of marigold seeds and they grew into plants. We planted them in the flower garden and in the old bath.
We have lots of pretty orange flowers everywhere!
Now we are learning how to take the dead flower heads off the plants and collect them for seeds. We have hundreds and hundreds of marigold seeds!

Here is our bath of flowers.

We love gardening in the sun!

This is how we take the dead flower heads off the marigolds to collect the seeds.


  1. Hello my wonderful class,

    You have collected such a lot of dead flower heads that we will be able to grow thousands of marigolds all around the school.
    That would look amazing and colourful too!
    You are awesome little gardeners and outstanding Enviro Kids!
    Remember to keep checking the plants and take off any more dead flower heads that you find. This will make the plants keep growing new flowers and looking pretty.

    Love from Miss T.

  2. Our Marigolds are still very small. Must be the cold weather keeping them from growing like yours.
    Looking forward to seeing you in week 7.
    Your TA E-pals