Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Little Bird.

Today we found a little bird. It was on the deck outside our classroom. It was just lying there on its back, upside down. It didn't look very well.
We picked it up and held it carefully for a while. Its little heart was pumping very fast. We put it under a little tree to rest. We will check on it later during morning tea.


  1. I hope your little bird was OK after all your TLC (tender loving care). She was lucky she had special friends at Ngutunui School to help her when she needed it. I have some of those little birds living in my garden in Tauranga and they love to sit in the cabbage tree outside my kitchen window and eat the berries. The berries are almost toooooooooooooo big for their tiny beaks! There is a picture book called "The Immigrants" which tells you how these tiny birds came to Aotearoa New Zealand - you might have it in your library. I hope all these little birds have made it through the big wind and rain we have had lately - imagine how big a raindrop is to a wee silvereye!!!

  2. The little bird was okay. We checked on him and he had hopped under the hall decking. We hope he found his way out and flew away to find his mother.

  3. awesome little bird!!! From Bri :)