Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Junior Room Kids!

Hello Everybody!

We are the Junior Class from Ngutunui Enviro School. We are in Years 1, 2 and 3. Some of us are 5 and 6 and 7 years old. We are learning how to make a blog and post comments and photos and videos. We love our digital learning.
We hope you enjoy finding out a little bit about us. Please leave us some nice comments to read.


  1. Hello Ngutunui Juniors, this blogging site is really awesome. I thought I would take the opportunity to say a big Hi and an even bigger THANK YOU for all of your yummy recipes that you sent home for me and my family to try. The project Energise cookbook has been a real blessing and has the best Quiche and Pumpkin soup that I have ever tasted. They are very quick and easy to make recipes, full of yummy flavours, cheap and healthy. We have made big pots of pumpkin soup to take to fundraisers at our church and have always sold out!!! A Huge success. I recommend all your recipes from the cookbook to everyone, and would like to encourage all the great work you guys are doing to keep healthy and fit. Ps please let the Ngutunui Seniors know how awesome they are too from me.
    Your new friend
    Katrina Rehu ( Kohu, Christian, Te Rongonui and Aniheras mum).

  2. Hello Mrs Rehu,

    Thank you for leaving us such a great message.
    We are glad that you like our blog. We love it too! We like sharing our learning and showing everyone what we have been up to.
    Next term we are going to be learning about nutrition and doing some more cooking. We may even make another recipe book too!
    Do you like watching our videos and movies on this blog too?

    From the Junior Room.

  3. Hello Ngutunui Juniors, thank you for the recent yummy recipes in the newsletters. Ethan and his brother and two sisters will be making these in the October holidays. Your blogging is really awesome :0) Maggie Penny.

  4. Hello Maggie,

    We are glad that you like the recipes. We like making them too! They taste delicious and they are healthy! This week we are going to make healthy brownies. Yum, yum! We love getting comments on our blog. Thank you for leaving one.

    From the Junior Room.