Sunday, 30 September 2012

Our Winners of the Rotary Writing Competition.

Congratulations to Erica Martin-Nancarrow, Taylor King and Te Rongonui Hughes-Rehu for writing winning entries in the Rotary Club of Kihikihi Short Story Writing Competition.
Here they are at the Prize Giving.  Well done to you all.  We are so proud of you.  
You are amazing writers.

Erica came First.                    Taylor came Second.         Nui came Third.
Well done to the Ngutunui Juniors!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Briana Gets Published!

Briana entered the Te Wananga o Aotearoa drawing competition.
She came in the top 15 places across all of New Zealand!
Her work has been published in a book.

Davina came from the Wananga to present Briana with her prize.

Can you see Briana's drawing?
She did a picture of her favourite thing.
Do you know what it is?
It's eating ice cream!  Yum, yum!
What's you favourite thing?

Our Amazing Art Work.

We learned about the legend of the Taniwha on Pirongia Mountain.
We make some exciting and colourful art work about it.
We also did some creative writing too.
Our work is currently on display in the Pirongia Heritage and Visitors' Centre.
Be sure to stop in and have a look at it.

Mrs Yeates showed us around the Centre.  Here we are by our art display.

Anihera's Taniwha.

The angry, bad Taniwha was waiting in the green bush.  He had sharp, white pointy teeth.  He was looking for a furry possum to eat.  He walked through the bush, but he couldn’t find any food. 
So he went to the blue, cold water to look for orange fish.  But he couldn’t find any either. 
So he went back to his home.  But on the way he found a cheeky possum.  He caught it with his claws and ate it with his sharp, white pointy teeth.
By Anihera.

Nui's Taniwha.

The fierce, scary, orange Taniwha was swimming in the blue moana.  Popping up out of the sea he looked around at the green, foggy mountain, trying to find his next meal. 
“Stewed warriors would be nice,” he thought to himself.  Just then, an eel went squiggling in the cold, icy water.  The Taniwha swam quickly in a flash, over to the eel.  He grabbed it with his blade like claws.  He gobbled it up until there was nothing left of it.  He swam away in the shining, sparkly water. 
By Te Rongonui.

Makenzy's Taniwha.

The sharped toothed Taniwha was very hungry. 
He especially liked to eat people with yellow
t-shirts.  He went into the deep, dark forest to hunt for his next meal.  He could hear footsteps coming closer and closer.
He pounced!  Chomp, chomp, chomp! 
The Taniwha had its meal. 
Beware!  Don’t go into the bush if you are wearing yellow t-shirts!
By Makenzy.

Hamish's Taniwha.

The mad, orange Taniwha walked through the Pirongia Mountain.  He was very hungry. 
He was looking for some warriors to eat. 
Tap, tap, tap. 
He could hear the sound of the warriors walking down the mountain.  He ran for them. 
He caught them with his big mouth
and gobbled them all up!
By Hamish.